About me…

World’s Entry…

     From the moment I was freed from the confines of my dampened imprisonment, I have been forcibly placed within a world that I can never truly call my own.

 I have struggled to find the path for which whom my true self could be found, and… as a result – who truly am I, words that since early on, I could never define, have acted as a ringing sensation that has not only kneeled my spirit, but acts yet still as one that echoes from within the mind.

One’s Path…

     With a weakened spirit and even yet still, a more corrupted mind, I spent the majority of my days simply idling as the world, and even more importantly, time had passed me by. Watching the successes of others, yet fretting on the failures of my own, I began to drown my mind in the memories of all of my past “greatest” moments. I began then to exist within the world’s present state; while yet still only living within the confines of my past.

     Following shorty, I started to dilute my senses to the realities of the day, while focusing solely on the falsities of the mind. Needles to say… All I managed was a dream.

The envisioning of one’s walk…

The epic rise.

     Following the emotional breakthroughs endured throughout my early to mid years, I found my way to the darkened cornered offsets of Auburn University of Montgomery, alas… the arts. It was during the years of my more current self, that I began my pursuits within the arts. As a visual arts major and ceramics minor, current holder of a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, I began then to no longer dream, seeing what was and what currently yet still is, but rather – I began to create… To create the promise of what is to come… The very truth that I have now… Finally, come to be.

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